Instructions for Reviewers (Reviewer Guidelines)

  Received manuscripts will be assigned to reviewers for the peer review process

  Reviewer should make sure that the assigned article falls into his/her research work and can review the article

  Reviewer should encourage the submission of quality articles by inviting authors to the corresponding journal

  Reviewer should study the complete article and should point out the merits and demerits with necessary corrections in order to maintain quality publication

  Reviewer should have a look at relevant portions of the research paper and verify that it fits within the scope of the journal

  The process of review has to be completed within 21 business days

  One should contact the Editorial Board member if they cannot finish the review process within the given time period

  Reviewers are not allowed to discuss about the paper with the corresponding author

  The information in the assigned manuscript should not be used by the reviewer anywhere else

  Reviewer has the right to tell to the Editorial Board member regarding the acceptance, correction or rejection of the article

  The final decision regarding the articles acceptance or rejection will be taken by the Editorial Board member


  Awarding Certificate as a token of your contribution and support

  Discounts on Article-Processing Charges

  Fast-processing of the paper

  Additional discounts for attendees to Scholarena Conferences.

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